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“It’s where all the cool cats go to get groomed.”

Rudi’s hairdressers in Falmouth is a stylish, creative and entertaining environment. The design concept was conceived to echo the dynamic buzz that accompanies the town’s new found prosperity, whilst reflecting the vibrant and colourful personalities of its owners and their commercial business.

Warm, zesty and uplifting, orange exudes positivity and was the clear choice to headline the interior scheme at Rudi’s. A popular colour used in the commercial sector from packaging, branding and clothing to mobile communication, orange uplifts, engages and ignites the senses. The Mandarin Orange used within this project adds a fruity flare to importantly support the dynamic and creative atmosphere of this busy and successful salon.

Within the constraints of a challenging space and budget, design and practicalities were certainly stretched. In an era where ‘upcycling’ is increasingly approved, Rivamiura design studio rose to the challenge and embraced the faded wallpaper hero – wood chip – to bring it back on trend with bold coloured and metallic detailing.