Rivamiura Design presents . . .

considered and captivating spaces for both residential and commercial clients. With an eye on functionality, longevity and economics, great effort is made to respect both historical architecture and the environment.

Versatility and flexibility are pivotal to the design process and the studio offers a selection of services, from sympathetic enhancements, through to full project management and turnkey service.

Your unique fingerprint

After evaluating the brief, Rivamiura Design will nurture your ideas, tailor their development and transform their potential.

There are practical and aesthetic issues that distinguish commercial interiors from residential. Harmony is the keystone to a successful commercial interior, the product and its environment must interrelate. It’s about joining the dots to engage and entertain the audience and, in order to do this, extensive research is put into the development of each and every concept. Determining the client’s distinctive identity, their unique fingerprint, in a crowded market is the key to success.


Your unique design will be presented through a selection of visuals, from 3D drawings, sample mood boards, to scaled architectural drawings.

Our Network

At Rivamiura Studio we collaborate with many experts in their fields, whose backgrounds include film, art, architecture and travel. Together with numerous talented artisans and craftsmen, Rivamiura is able to deliver innovative design, that reaches beyond aesthetics to encompass science, intuition and emotion. It often asks us to stretch our imagination, to reimagine what design means and can do.

Find out what your unique fingerprint might be . . .